Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wing Tsun on the beach...

On Saturday, a group of us from Wing Tsun Vancouver went to Kits Beach for Sifu Ralph Haenel's annual beach-class. The weather in Vancouver was perfect, with not a cloud to be seen. Today is another story but a great time to get caught up on my blog : )

The topic for the day was the momentary control of your attacker's arms and body. To start off, we wedged in and practiced controlling the Left arm while rendering attacks with the Right. This provided the jumping off point to controlling either arm momentarily in order to render attacks with either hand. Further to this idea, we worked on generating power from the core and hips. This power was utilized to quickly move our training partners off their stances and thus keep them off balance as we practiced whacking them in various places... nicely of course.

Stance and footwork were also a big part of our training Saturday. The first reflexive wedging of the arms MUST be accompanied by a strong and stable stance or all is lost. In fact, if we do not feel the force to be greater than our own, the stance will hold. Working on this WT concept dilligently for a few hours certainly increases the stability of your stance and further implants such a skill into the Central Nervous System. As an additional point, we worked on attacking our partner's legs with our own, further upsetting their stance/balance and adding another element to our stance training (stability when on one leg).

Ah, the basics... is there nothing they cannot do?

All in all a great class! I unfortunately missed out on the picnic afterwards : (

Thanks to Sifu Ralph and my training partner Brian Yam!

A few pics below...

Brian looks quite excited to be delivering such an elbow!
Brian no longer looks so excited...
Natalia having fun giving Jennifer not one, but two strikes at the same time!
Victor does not even bother to remove his shades, while Sacha's may have fallen on the ground.

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