Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Wing Tsun Vancouver June Seminar - Day 1

Last night we had our second seminar of the year at Sifu Ralph Haenel's Wing Tsun Vancouver.

I was very excited to attend as am continuing my testing towards First Technician Grade!

We had head-instructor German Ferrer from Wing Tsun Calgary as our guest. It was my pleasure to make his aquaintance and I look forward to seeing more of him in the future.

Sifu Ralph had us go through a series of exercises showing how using a weapon (shock stick or knife) to strike helps carry over into making our empty-hand strikes much more powerful. It was quite amazing to feel the difference once we set the weapons down! The strikes felt much smoother and indeed more powerful. Another bonus was the increased aggressiveness training with weapons provides. It is quite important to train in as close of a mindset to the real thing as possible!

I must also not forget to mention that the exercises also included some hard and often stingingly painful pak-sau practice. There was quite the selection of red, blue and purple right arms by the end of the evening. A worthwhile sacrifice in the effort of improving the power and impact of the pak-sau!

After the break, we worked on kicking. Sifu had us doing 3 exercises focusing on distance, speed and chain-kicking respectively. I was quite happy to be picked by Sifu as an example of good kick-training form : )

By the end of the seminar there was not one person without a soaked t-shirt. I look forward to the "Main Event" on Wednesday evening!

Below are some pictures from last night. The last one is my audition shot for Inside Kung Fu : )

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