Thursday, June 05, 2008

Wing Tsun Vancouver June Seminar - Day 2

The "Main Event" at Wing Tsun Vancouver on Wednesday night continued where we left off Monday, with more drills using the rubber knives as a psychological tool to increase the power of our strikes.

We worked in an even closer distance, learning to both take care of the incoming attack and generate the appropriate short-range power needed to disable our opponent. I made the "mistake" of asking a few questions about the correct application of the pak-sau and the rest of the students were then "treated" to some personal demonstrations from Sifu Ralph : )

If you think the slapping pak-sau is painful, try the one using the heel of the palm! Ouch!

As on Monday, we had a good session of powerful lat-sau that really forced me to relax my traditionally tight right shoulder. This relaxation and transfer of muscular support is only possible by working through the initial pain and an added benefit is the mental toughness needed to do so. I was thinking back to being close to tears while holding positions in my early private lessons with Sifu Ralph and how once I understood going beyond the pain, my positions increased in strength and effectiveness. Thanks Sifu!

We continued out training with the shock sticks, working on really penetrating with our punches. Luis was lucky enough to only be accidentally hit on the neck by yours truly a couple of times : )

The sticks and knives were then left on the floor as we worked on our inside and outside attacks. The focus was on getting past our opponent's arms and into punching-range safely and effectively. Luis and I had some fun strong-arming each other to ensure our positioning and stance was up to the task!

The evening finished with the Trainer Team assisitng in the testing of our younger WT brothers and sisters. Our chests and abs took a good pounding (thanks Jennifer!) for about 25 minutes as we helped them out training both endurance and punching power. I think Nilo ended up with the reddest chest...

All in all, another great seminar and now 2/3 of the way to my First Technician Grade!

Can't wait til next Monday evening's class!
Some more pictures below:

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